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Lost airbattle

We lost 2-1, it was not a blockbuster entertainment, not to mention Top Gun, although it was about air forces this game. That is sad but we have to live with it. Game was open like JFK theories and we could use some ifs about this murder. However we should not, we have to respect the result. Words are just excuses for bad action like putting celery into a food. After early goal against us, we played good first half and were eager to create chances. Second half was not good football, almost too boring to be a park game either. Both teams played simple and clear. Ball was mostly in the air and we lost the airbattle. We fought good but didnt play so much our own game after the break. Keep your eye on the ball, not on the scoreboard. I had my moments but I must play better. In the first half I worked good and got the ball a lot. In the second half I got to see the ball going over me - a lot! I do not mind the style, I just count the points. We did not got any and I am heavily dissapointed about the result and the league table. However I still believe in us. We have already shown what we are able to do. We just havent been able to do that often enough. We have to and we will clear this up. I am going stand behind these words, by making good action next time. Or renting Top Gun!
This week I highly recommend 1.Wakadori-kylling at Fuji-restaurang 2.Billiard at SportsBar 3.Having own homepages. I do not recommend
1. The Beach -movie.

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