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Not so perfect story

Viking-Vålerenga 3-2.
It is the same old story, we lost with one goal. It should not be because the story is not that bad, only the end sucks. We played some good football in Stavanger and should have earned the lovely princess in the end but... Not so much to tell our children about this one. We did heroic come-back into the game in the second half and were dominating but... I hate stories with buts. Well, we are the storytellers so it is up to us what kind of end the story will have. Since we are the writers it is about time that we are also the heroes in it. It can be drama, comedie, horror or classic, but next sunday it ends our way. I really need the lovely princess.
This time I recommend
1. Having dishwashing machine
2. Gladiator -movie
3. The whole production from Dire Straits
I do not recommend
1. Gardemoen airport

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