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One week before season

Crystal Palace - Fulham 0-1
Oxford - Crystal Palace 1-1 rp. 6-5

It is one week time to the opening game. After one week we start to count the points. One week before it really matters. I also receive my new sofa in one week. And my brother gets married. And I have to go to dentist. After one week we have our first three points. One week time to talk nonsense and speculate before the real action. One week time to be ready. Only one week. That is enough for us. Because we have done good preparation.
This week we played one good and one bad game. We got two bad results. We tried two different tactics. We played against two really different opponents. Who cares really! Next Saturday all the results we have done in the pre season are indifferent and forgotten. Then there is only the league table. Our holy truth.
I cant write more now. First I dont want to speculate too much before the season. And furthermore my arms are aching after signing three hours autographs in the opening day at the Selhurst Park. Thank you for everyone there. It was a good day. It was a good feeling. It is good to see that you are still behind us.

This week I recommend,
1. Le Piaf cafeteria at Wimbledon
2. Toshiba widescreen tv
3. Opening days

I do not recommend
1. Not having sofa
2. Appointements with dentists
3. To panic

It is time to brush teeth,


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