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Wedding Day

Rotherham - Crystal Palace 2-3

Anything can happen in the opening day. Everyone is fresh, have had time to think and to prepair for the new season. All the speculation and new chances are in the air. It is a special day for a player. That is why it is usually a bad game. Too much energy, tension and testosteroine.
We did and did not do the job in Rotherham. Nobody expects the play look complitely ready in the beginning of the new season but still our first half performance was way too bad. However we recovered and played a small margine victory in the second half. That already tells that we are mentally stronger this season. We got our first three points.
I scored but played a very average game. I am not pleased at all about my work. Anyways winning and scoring are good feelings. Specially when I could dedicate this game and goal to my dear brother. At the very same time than we fought ourselves back to the game my brother Riku said the magical words "I do". Now he is married with his lovely girl Henrietta.
In a way I felt I was in the wrong place. Riku is propably my most important friend and for sure one of the finest persons in the world. I should have been throwing rice instead of getting elbowed by Rotherham defender. I had mixed feelings. I feel really bad about missing my brothers wedding, good party and a creamy strawberry cake.
This was just one of the situations in the world that I would have loved to be two places at the same time. In a way I was. And I am sure my brother was too. Our hearts and thought are in some level always connected. The wedding had a break and a big cheer when they got the message about our victory. I instead talked the long bus journey home in the telephone. Just to be a bit part of the happy occasion. Telephone company wasnt happy. Apparently I passed my credit limit and my phone line was cut off. So please do understand if I dont call anyone in the near future.
My brother is now happily married and heading to honey moon to Bahamas. Usually I would call getting married young "panicing". Now I have to admit that this case got my total blessing. It is touching to see the love between them. They really deserve eachother. And happy life. So maybe it is just me panicing. My friends are getting married and having children. That is lovely. I instead am only married with a round object. Football is not any specially good wife. At the moment I am closer to having a rock concert at Wembley than getting married. I am not a good singer.
I congratulate Riku and Henrietta. You two are the best. And together even better. My parents said that now they have done half of their job. In our family the weird looks and the pointing finger is now pressuring me. Lets call it a project 2010.

This week I recommend
1. Getting married
2. Creamy strawberry cakes
3. Project 2010

I do not recommend
1. Not being in the wedding
2. Credit limits
3. Having a concert at Wembley

To my brother and Henrietta: long live your love,

Aki, the only not married Riihilahti

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