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Tired of September jokes

Sheffield United - Crystal Palace FC 1-3
Crystal Palace FC - Sheffield Wednesday 4-1

First of all I am at internet cafe in Wimbledon and this is a rip off place. Half an hour costs two pounds so I better write quickly because I only have 2,30 in my pocket.

So we have beaten half of the Yorkshire this week, at least one town is conquered. It has been good points but hard work. It is not just the respectful and tough yorkshirian opponent but also the whole september with its game schedule that has required maximum fysical and mental concentration. I am bit tired. And I only have 1 pound 90 cents left.

In september I have played 9 competitive games, trained 16 sessions with my team and 15 times myself. And one sunday I even went to furniture shopping to Purley Way. That was my other free day in this month; the other one is today. No, I am not going shopping.

I am happy with september. Seven wins and two losses is in total quite alright result. Maximum points with the national team and 5th place with Crystal Palace is acceptable.

It has not been pretty all the times but in these tough periods it is important to get points. No team or player can everytime be like champagne. Sometimes the orange juice is the winner. And my thirst is healed by winning.

I have less than a pound left my internet time so better keep one of my promises now. I have many times been asked if I have heard any good jokes lately. Since I am quite a serious man, I have not been so much into humor. However I can try this one I heard the other day. First I did not get it but in the end I think it is really funny and intelligent. Ok.

There is this normal worldzitizen John Smith who goes to Loyds bank in Croydon. He asks from the blonde Finnish cashier girl:
- Can I have stamps, please?
The girl looks at him bit surprised and answers:
- Dont You know who is the prime minister?
- Oh yeah... thanks, says John and leaves the bank.

The end. In the other words this is the time you should laugh if you got it. And for those who earlier thought that John Smith is a parody about englishmen I can assure that any correlation to citizenship, real life, people, colour and religion is totally result of your own imagination. John Smith is just everyone and everywhere - a legend.

This week I recommend
1. Jokes
2. Joining a health club only because the receptionist girl is fit
3. Orange juice and champagne

I do not recommend
1. Modifying quotes from my website or using them without mentioning the source
2. Having muscles tight as violin strings
3. This internet cafe (25 cents left)

My time has gone,


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