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My old man used to say

Sheffiel Wednesday - Crystal Palace FC aet 2-2 (1-1) pen 3-1
Crystal Palace - Wimbledon 4-0

My old man used to say to me and my brother:" Everyday is a good day to win". Wednesday was difficult. As a result we are out from the Worthington Cup. We were better side but not efficient and we twice let them unnecessarily come back into the game.

It was not a star game. I on the other hand saw some stars on the extra time. I hurt my head in a tackling situation. I was gone. My old man used to say:" Wherever you go there has to be you ". This time I was not there anymore, atleast I did not recognise myself. I had a weird and dizzy out-of-body experiece.

I tried to continue but I felt and I was told that I was just running like a headless chicken. I did not see them equalising or the penalties, I was performing a character from the Dum and dummer -movie in the locker room.

Next day the doctor diagnosized that I had had concussion and some nasty bumps (I hope he did not mean my nose), but I am ok and there is still some movements inside my head. I was delighted for being better than ever: nobody has ever before this found anything inside my head.

We came back strogly in a local derby and produced one of our best performances this season. It was really tough game but we played well and won the key moments of the game. It was enjoyable and proudful weekend for all the Eagles.

I was told earlier this week that my extra-time rebound goal against Sheffield was so crappy that it should never be even counted. The third goal against Wimbledon has also opened some discussion and there are two main theories about it:

1. I saw the keeper had left the top hand corner little open and I smashed 40 yards precise fireball, which geniously curved first left and then right on its way to the wallet. I was surprised that the net was strong enough not to get broken.

2. I panicked and tried to pass the ball on the ground to Clinton. However my pass shanked and after luckily changed direction from hitting a seagul find itself from the net. I was surprised because I did not even know that I can kick the ball that far in the air.

These are the stories, the truth is usually between the lines. As my old man used to say:" They all count the same." Well, my old man was more of a table tennis player anyway.

This week I recommend

1. Pilates -excercises
the truth
2. Learning fathers wisdom
3. Shooting

I do not recommend

1. Out-of-body experiences
2. The RBKC parking officer 296
3. Calling without lefting a message to answering machine

My old man spoke too much,


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