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Tilbake til nyheter

Another boring week without any news

Crystal Palace-Bradford 2-0
Wolverhampton-Crystal Palace 0-1

What is similar to cream, Penelope Cruz and Crystal Palace? They are all on top of something - and loving it. Hihihii. Stupid question, stupid answer, but still... O-ouu, we really are on the top of the league. Wow, it is windy here. And it is been a while since we have last time experienced a single breeze. I like it here. I am not scared of hights.

Njaa, this week we met the toughest challenge and opponents so far this season. What kept our impressive winning run going was this time not our good attacking abilities. We did not play our best football but we fought, we closed the opponent down and did not concede goals.

Mmmm, on the top of the league... in the morning I was not sure if that was true, so I took the text tv page 325. Oh-yeah... there we were. I ate breakfast but then I had to go and have a look again. Actually I visited 325 all the time, just to make sure that nobody had sneaked above us.

What an idiot I was! It is October, we have only just started. It is not only long way to Tipperary but also to the end of the season. Its important to keep the eye on the game not on the league table. I have decided to use my remote control next time at february. Then we see better.

Some people does never see better. Like this one young reporter who asked me if the league table lies because we have played against many teams below us. I could not resist myself to enquire how he would make the match program for us on the top so that we would not play any teams below us. Seems like these days they give a microphone to anyone. Stupid answers needs stupid questions.

On the top I recommend

1. Using small words that does not mean anything (like o-ouu, njaa and my favourite kaboong)
2. Nike Tiempo -boots
3. Stupid answers and stupid questions

I do not recommend

1. Furniture that You have to put together Yourself
2. Being addicted to page 325
3. Believing the title of the story



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