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Messy X:mas cards

Crystal Palace - Manchester City 2-1
Birmingham - Crystal Palace 1-0
Watford - Crystal Palace 1-0

The good game and points against City was not worth that much anymore because of losing two poor games after that. Our away form is absolutely horrible. It seems like there is a jungle out there outside the Selhurst Park. I still think we dont need moms to be there in the stands. We can and have been close to do good away also. And the support has always been brilliant.

When it is going good it is the easiest thing in the world to be a player, supporter, manager or even a hot dog salesman in the stadium. Happy days no matter what. And good hot dogs.

Bad runs just gets to everyones nerves. And that how it should be. I think people have all the right to complain about us (and hot dogs) constructively. We try to be positive and take good things to build something on them, but we will not accept losing. Winning is state of mind, a habit. Character and personality wins more than talents and skills. Bad runs needs balls.

I dont know if Santa is going to bring me any X:mas gifts. I do know that we dont get any gifts in this division. So best present we could give to ourselves is to start to win again. That would make my X:mas.

I think the post office cant deliver my unwritten X:mas greetings on time anymore, so sorry everyone about that. Instead I opened a seasons greetings card service in my front page. So if you want to chear up your friends with my ugly face my card service will deliver your greetings.

I have to go to clean up my flat now since my mom is coming for X:mas.

These days I recommend
1. sending X:mas cards
2. hot dogs
3. swedish au-pairs

I do not recommend
1. messy flats
2. X:mas shopping
3. losing

I hate cleaning,


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