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Santa Claus is coming to town

Crystal Palace - Nottingham Forrest 1-1

Absolutely rubbish. That is not a good start for the X:mas story but with that I have at the same time cleared my mind and closed the Forrest game.

X:mas is a time of joy and happiness. However I am a bit concerned about the world we are living at the moment. Reason for that is that I have to inform about four robberies that has shattered my X:mas peace.

Firstly someone has stolen my and Palaces good form. This is a very serious crime and the victims has suffered and worked hard to get over the lost.

The other non-violent robbery happened on my day off at the Oxford Street and Bond Street. Very mystically all my money dissapeared from my wallet. No other harm was done, except I found lots of suspicious baggages on my car. All the forces are on red allert to solve this case. They have already arrested Mr. Christmas Shopping.

Finally I have to inform the old case: my last years X:mas story that was stolen. Despite the hard efforts we havent solve the matter and police officers in Norway even stated that it was not illegal at the first place. But quess what? Not that. My old X:mas story, I am going to quote it now like all the good medias has done to my homepages.

It is an exciting time. The big fat snowman is coming to town. And not just my father but also Santa Claus is about to make his journey. I am looking forward for that since I have been a good boy this year. I have let other people play better than I have. I have let other people to score more, take better girls and sometimes even wear nicer clothes. These are very unselfish and kind, real good-boy acts which I am sure Santa will reward.

These are my request for Santa Claus to give me as X:mas presents:

- red matchbox toy car
- getting the good form back again
- giving us the promotion
- more dishes without cellery
- decent group for next qualifications
- another red toy car
- health
- more girls to south london
- couple of goals
- better stories to www.akiriihilahti.com
- that the jodling old man wasnt every morning in the same tram
- happiness and joy to everyone

I do recommend everything related to X:mas.

I do not recommend trying if Santas beard is real.

Jingle bells,


ps. forgot the fourth robbery, I quess it was not that serious then. But I did not forget reading Soundbyters posts, but where is he? I have actually no idea what this sentence means, but I was asked to put it here to help in a charity event.

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