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Tilbake til nyheter

The good, the bad and the ugly

Millwall - Crystal Palace 3-0
Bradford - Crystal Palace 1-2
Crystal Palace - Gillingham p-p

In football you can play well, bad or well bad. It is like the movie in the title, you never know which one is the case until the end of the day, movie or game.

This time the nominations for the good one is lasagne at Paparazzi restaurant, year 2001 or the Bradford game. And the winner is Bradford game which put us back on the right track.

The bad could have been the traffic in London or early 12 am kick-offs. However Gillingham game will win the race. How bad it is to spend a new years eve in the hotel (bed time at 10) and concentrate and be fired up for a game that is called off next day. Specially when apparently Russian ballet girls were staying at the same hotel. We were well prepared to win that game, shame the pitch were only good for ice-hockey.

Even though Big Brother program and the shape of my hamstring muscle are pretty ugly, our performance in Millwall game was Meatloaf-ugly (with no disrespect to his music). The X:mas gifts (red toy car for example)were not much of a fun after Boxing day.

Anyways the year 2001 is over, I consider it one of my better ones. It was full of memories and experiences. Not only I moved to England, had nail bitting rescue mission with Palace, scored four goals for Finland, learned some cockney accent, went to top of the league with the Eagles and found a decent Italian restaurant in South Croydon, I also can say I really had a go to live a good life by working hard and enjoying every day. Not every day was glamorous but atleast I learned and experienced by boldly trying my best in every level of living.

To make 2002 even better one, my new years resolutions are:
- less tv and fail passes
- not to go holidaying to Burnley
- healthier living
- to fullfill as many dreams as possible
- learn to cook better
- not to write these long stories so often
and most important and every years main resolution
- produce more happiness, joy and better living to the world

Now I have wrote enough, maybe too much but to stick with one of my habbits, this time I do recommend:
1. Lord of the rings -book
2. To start the day with Dusty Springfields song Son Of A Preacher Man
3. Finnish X:mas food

I do not recommend
1. Boxing day
2. Big Brother -program
3. Spending two days with tax papers

This year rules,


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