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Interviewing myself

Crystal Palace - Coventry 1-3
Sheffield Wednesday - Crystal Palace 1-3
Crystal Palace - Wolverhampton 0-2

Why is the sky blue? Why isnt the sun red? How about if I am colour blind? Or the one who decided the definition of colours is? How do I know? Propably I dont. But I do know I have over three hundreds of unanswered questions in my homepage. Do I call it some Sunday fun? That is a question again, also which I do not know a correct answer. But I will have a go, I will give my best effort to answer as many as possible before my next Sunday churh. I do appreciate all the questions and I hope you appreciate that I do my best. So before the bells call me at next Sunday, you will already know more. What? Hopefully more than I do.

To get going I asked some imaginary selfmade questions from myself since I never have had a chance to interview myself in public:


Q:How are you?
A:Bit hungry
Q:Me too but is that all?
A:No, some existential ups and downs but fundamentally confident

Q:Ups and downs, yet confident?
A:Sometimes in life there can be light machine errors and unexpected speedbumps. It just slows down the speed a bit but does not mean that the road or driver aint right

Q:How about football then?
A:It is rounder, but same principles

Q:Yes, and why did we lose against Coventry?
A:They scored three goals and we scored only one
Q:Stupid answer that was
A:Was it?

Q:Good away victory in Sheffield?
A:Why there is a question mark?
Q:What do you mean?
A:Question tries to answer itself already. So I can only confirm it otherwise I would violate questioners opinion or smartness.

Q:Are you mental?
A:In terms of who?
Q:Forget it.
A:Whatever makes you happy

Q:What happened against Wolverhampton?
A:The opponent was best all over the park

Q:Why was that?
A:There are always reasons, explanations, ifs and buts for single events but I do not need to use them to get any pity. That was only one day, one game.

Q:What do you mean with that?
A:It is overall picture that matters. It is better to look and concentrate the whole concept of becoming a Premier League club and the whole season instead of single games.

Q:So that is it?
A:No, there is also www.wetriedourbesteven@thebaddayatoffice.com/mitment and www.analyse_learn_wantandworkmore.net/moveonandwinnextone

Q:How was your performance in that game?
A:I was rubbish
Q:Yes you were
A:All the critics are taken and accepted but atleast I can say those mentioned websites are my favourites. I know my responsibilities and will be better

Q:So will CPFC and you became Premier League material?

Q:When do we get there?
A:Well, think it as a district line
Q:Are you trying to be funny?
A:Yes and no
A:Once you know your destination, want to go there and have a valid ticket, there are always trains to catch. Sometimes train might be late, but it will come. The journey is a long but reliable process, in which people come in and go out and finally you are there.

Q:You like metaphores, dont you?
A:More than sandwiches
Q:So your truth can sometimes be between the lines?
A:You never know, even I dont. I do not take things for granted or literally. Oppinions, laughs and thoughts are everyones own property, no more wrong or right than others, just different. Same is with truths
A:No, I do not own a dog

Q:How about Finlands qualification group?
A:Hard, possible

Q:What does the other players think?
A:Sorry, I didnt know I have an access into their minds and justification to speak up for them
Q:Why did you not answer my question?

Q:There must be someone you want to hammer?
A:Not really, that would only tell more about myself if I had that need

Q:This interview was rubbish
A:In that we are both together, we are the same person
Q:I know, I quess we both did try our best. That is the ultimate goal, isnt it?
A:No, just a tool, happiness is

This time I recommend:

1. Matchbox20, Belle & Sebastian and Lasse Mattila
- nobody wants to listen same too perfect radio tunes all the time, why not try something smaller and more passioned music -

2. To not send me more questions this week
- please dont make the workload bigger -

3. Sending Valentines day cards
- there is a card-service in my frontpage to cheer up friends -

I do not recommend:

1. Interviewing yourself
- it is the beginning of schizophrenia -

2. Comet customer service
- no information, wrong information and "you need to buy" attitude -

3. Electric Light Orchestra
- auts, you have to risk to find this in the search of some pearls in the music jungle -

Q:Is there something more still to come?
A:Only the name


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