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Different Selhurst

Wimbledon-Crystal Palace 1-1
Crystal Palace-Sheffield United 0-1

The Bible says: “Nobody is a prophet in their own land”. But how about if the own land were being visitors´ land for one day? Well, I do not mind parking somewhere in Croydon. I do not mind stadium officials wearing blue suites. I do not mind being in the visitors´ locker room and warming up on the other end of the pitch. The aim is prophesy. And because of that I do mind that we drew with average performance at Selhurst Park. Is it ironical that one reason this game was bad is because the pitch is in bad condition resulting both teams playing at it? Bad excuse.

Furthermore, I have to admit I have been a naughty boy. I haven’t behaved at all this season. What a disgrace, the dirty player I am. After 3352 minutes in 38 games the Football league could not bare with my rudeness anymore. My five bookings in those games were punished by one game suspension. How can I look myself into a mirror! What a stupid rule with this present refereeing system.

So I had to come another time inside a week to Selhurst Park with a weird feeling. Against Sheffield United instead of my normal office in the middle of the park I was at the main stand, block h, row 24, seat 211. The game looks different from there. And the feeling is helpless because you really want to be involved. I had a high pulse for whole ninety minutes and I might have tackled the old man sitting in front of me couple of times in the heat of the game. I wasn’t booked though. Sorry anyway. But seriously, watching the games is far more dangerous to the heart than playing.

These games and suspension are over now and we need to pick up ourselves to get back into the league and our top form. We know the goal and we want to get there but in the way there are hundreds of kilometres (come England,who needs miles) of horseshit. We need all the energy and support to go through that.

I got lot of support last week on Valentines Day, this worldwide day of friendship. Thanks everyone for the cards and moreover from your friendship, I extremely highly appreciate it. For being a bad boy with all my suspensions I realised that there are still people that I haven’t tackled. I tried to give back something to the world by giving a Valentines card service and also myself sending cards to all the e-mail addresses I know. And I have to say that even if I am not always contacting everyone it does not mean that I have forgotten or don’t care. It just means I don’t have your e-mail addresses.

This only leaves one more question mark. ? . And question marks are usually followed by answers. I tried my best, I answered over 175 of your questions in four days. I am truly sorry that I could not answer to everyone. It doesn’t mean that unanswered ones were worse or I didn’t appreciate them. Most likely I did not have the knowledge or they included unetchical or adult material. I did go to the Sunday church with the knowledge that I kept my promise as good as could have done.

This week I do recommend
1. Kylie Minogue
- and the album would be even better if it had 20 cover pictures and only one song -
2. Sunday church
- tranquillity and belief are always needed -
3. Remember the Titans –film
- good film -

This week I do not recommend
1. Vanilla Sky -film
- I could watch Penelope Cruz just walking for couple of hours, but come on, the film is *#&¤ -
2. Twofaced people
- And I don’t mean Michael Jackson with this -
3. Suspension system
- one yellow every seventh game aint too dirty -

? answers,

Aki Bad Boy Riihilahti

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