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Ruled out

Portugal - Finland 1-4
Norwich – Crystal Palace 2-1
Crystal Palace – Birmingham 0-0

World and life used to be structured with certain rules. You do this and this happens (Karma). You can only do this, but not that (power of parents). Finland is never going to win in football (common law in sports). No more chocolate for young Aki (heard in kindergarten).

This millennium it is not that simple. We have too many options to choose from: I want this and this(reality not just in candy store). Finland can easily hammer Portugal away in football (something that can happen the other day). This could have sounded ten years ago like an episode from X-files but these days it is true and simple like some bad pop songs. With the same breath I have to say that it is not yet an everyday luxury but with our day we can entertain even the Portugese home supporters.

Another reality of life is that technology has spoiled us. I lost my mobile phone in Portugal and I have been hopeless after that. With no social life, no chance of getting things done or waking at time in the mornings, with no recollection of any number or meeting I have been absolutely lost and panicked. Moreover I have lost many people and friends with the disappearance of my SIM- card. So if some Juan or Pablo from Portugal answers my number, please tell those bandits that I am struggling. RETURN MY NOKIA YOU BASTARDS.

Easter was crucial not only to my mobile but also to our season. Sadly we did not make it. Our Via de la Rosa, the route of destiny ended with results that stopped our this seasons play-offs hopes. That hurts. Especially when we showed again that we could be as good as any in this division. We dominated and had the possession against Norwich and most parts of Birmingham game. We got some nice combinations and football but the reality is one point and arrividerci Eagles. That is a cruel fact. The common rule is that don’t try to exert yourself when you already have shit in your pants. We should have long time ago take the results that were there for us.

We are ruled out from the play-offs. It is really sad and disappointing but we have not yet booked our holidays. We will play and fight every single minute until the end of the season. We have still lot to show everyone and to ourselves. And we will do everything to rule in the last three games.

This time I recommend

1. Making copy of your SIM -card
2. Fedor Dostojevski: Idiot
3. Maharidzi -trousers

I do not recommend

1. Losing mobile phone
2. Forgetting to water flowers
3. To live too structured life

I announce the summer time to begin,


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