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Rules of Las Vegas

It is not so easy to be on holiday. There is always something I have to do or someone I have to meet. I end up promising myself to all these important occasions like neighbours cats birthday. Not that I don’t like them, but it is just too much when I am on holiday. I have tried to escape to nightclubs, countryside or Europe, but no good… they find me – people and things. And if I manage incognito to be in peace for couple of days the cover always blows out when I have one second of boredom and decide to listen my messages. Obviously there is always something too important to miss.

After over ten months of hard work I really needed a peaceful holiday. So I decided to try once again to escape. To avoid any mistakes I realised the conditions of my summer peace rules:

1. I have to be unreachable by mobile phone
2. Nobody knows where I am located
3. I am unable to listen my messages
4. I have to have lot of action around me

Well, I could have made a safe bet and travel to outer space or Macedonia but in the end there was only one solution – leaving to Las Vegas.

So, I was in Las Vegas and California for two weeks and nothing really happened there. Hihii.

This time I recommend

1. Studio 54
- The daddy of all the nightclubs in Vegas -

2. Black 20 in roulette
- And luckily I did not know that nickels are actually fivers -

3. Buying sunglasses
- It gets you going on a sunny day -

I do not recommend

1. Pirate taxi drivers in Vegas
- They would do anything to get your money -

2. Santa Barbara
- TV series lies about the Babes, it is only for retired people -

3. Limits in VISA -card
- It doesnt help hitting a cash machines buttons harder when the card doesn’t work -

Allea acta est,


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