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Preston – Crystal Palace 1-2
Crystal Palace – Bradford 1-1

This was a start for our new campaign. Not too good, not too bad, not too ugly. Not too anything. Decent. We got our moments of celebrations and we got our growls. Yep, the results includes not just scores but also some yeaahs and some oooohs, plus many more of those other voices that dictionary don’t understand.

It is actually quite ridiculous when you think about it. Or have you ever heard a secretary starting to yell and run around the office just because she succeeded to answer the phone? In football this is considered normal. If you score you often just bellow like a horny animal and do these ridiculous madman celebrations that would in the normal life get you hospitalised. And when the ball goes bit wide from the target everybody raises their hands, throws their neck and sighs ooooh! Can’t really see a barber doing that just because he cut the customers mullet bit too short.

The reaction to outcome is well different, even though secretary, barber and footballer are all just doing what they are supposed to do or are being paid to do. Many times the emotional exaggeration in sports reaches it heights. And how ridiculous the expressions and reactions really are. The facials, the sign and body language plus all the aggressions are really a nutcase study. Have we evolved at all from the apes!

I guess sports is the only place we can still be bit childish, primitive and vulgar, to really express the deepest feelings and inner emotions. And the more we enjoy it the closer we remind the uncivilised, primitive creature the mankind used to be.

If you think of it, watching or playing sports is very liberating. It is a place where it is acceptable and even encouraged to have a go at people and shout all the swearwords off from you. It must be a lifeline for people who have dominating wife at home or stress in the office to release all that dirt on the poor referee for example.

Welcome to the civilised world of football. Here you can freely shout, jump up and down, scream, do anything ridiculous with your body, have a go or even bark if you feel like. I think this is one of the best part of it, you can really show your true self – the caveman.

This time I recommend

1. Austin Powers’ Goldmember –movie
- Not as funny as the earlier one, but some crackers again -
2. The Times –newspaper
- Well, they offered me a job so I am trying to keep them happy this way -
3. Goal celebrations
- There is nothing better than make completely fool out from yourself -

I do not recommend

1. Eating too much pop-corn
- Don’t try to be a hero if you have bought too big portion -
2. Not updating your website
- You end up making many people angry -
3. Being angry because other people haven’t updated their websites
- You end up making one person to work in a pressure -

Yippikayeah m***********,

Aki Willis

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