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Tilbake til nyheter

I had to write something

Crystal Palace – Portsmouth 2-3
Finland – Ireland 0-3
Coventry – Crystal Palace 1-0

Sometimes it is just better to shut up. This is one of those times. So I just say that it was a very painful week, mentally, physically and on the scoreboard. We lost our comfortable lead against Portsmouth, we lost all the key moments against Ireland, we lost against Coventry and I almost lost the plot, ankle ligaments and all the numbers from my SIM-card.

So I rather write about the other day when I was walking in the park. It was a bit dim and suddenly I accidentally stepped on dogs shit. I have done it many times before and it always smells as bad. Then I wiped it and kept on going on and eventually I was home. Next time when I am walking in the park I will be again wiser and better to be able to step the extra yards to get over next traps on the road.

This was all quite rubbish, but the title tells a lot,


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