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How Roy Keane am I?

Crystal Palace – Leicester 0-0
Burnley – Crystal Palace 0-0

Two games we really should have won. However the result was a true zero. No goals, nothing spectacular, no good stories, no headlines. So there is not so much to write about. Unlike about Roy Keane. He has been in headlines. For a reason, since he has given the spectators more than goalless draws. So am I silly enough to write another story about him? Yes I am silly, and I know the truth. A truth is that I have always enjoyed watching him playing. I have admired his ability to win games and dominate the midfield. I am a midfielder too. They say that to become a better player I should watch the best and learn from them. Roy Keane is very inspirational. So have I followed his steps at all?

In order to find that out I am trying to think about his CV and compare it to mine. I know he has played at least for Nottingham Forrest and Manchester United. I have played for HJK, Vålerenga IF and Crystal Palace. Hmmm, I think he wins this category, since I even have a team on my list that has a letter nobody really knows how to pronounce.

I guess Roy Keane has won something like five Premier League trophies and two FA Cups. I have once won the Finnish League plus I have four Cup titles. He has won as many Champions League titles as I have won single games in the same tournament. Furthermore he has been chosen for the best player of the Premiership. I have once got the Nationwide man of the match champagne. Later I heard it was actually Dougie Freedmans, he just wasn’t available for the interview.

Roy Keanes list of honours is long, mine is shorter even though I also try to put down things like passing my driving license test. Well, he has played for better clubs and probably has a more comfortable car as well. So circumstances have given him an advantage, but how about our personalities then?

This Man Utd skipper is known from his dedication and good attitude for the team but his temperamental personality has also caused him problems or even made him to be sent of several times. Apparently he has sometimes had a go at his colleagues when his team needed to do some extra to win a game. I would do anything for my team but more silent way. Last season at my wildest I got a yellow card from dangerous play because I slipped just before trying to reach the ball. Plus I rather go home sulking than make a scene in the dressing room. In the end we are both winners! Except he just wins more often.

As a person and a player he is very controversial, let alone that he has seen, experienced and said a lot. His biography is one of the biggest subjects of this football season. On the other hand I am not sure if anybody reads this story even this far. I am quite pale, shy-ish and it is not exactly a greatest story on earth to tell about 0-0 draw against Leicester.

He refused to play for Ireland in the World Cup. Finland has actually never qualified to the World Cup, and anyway I think it would be more likely that Finland would refuse to play me than the other way around. I have proudly won 39 caps with 7 goals for Finland.

So the truth is, that Roy Keane is a much better player but also a very different type of person than I am. Well, I prefer it to stay this way. And maybe after this article I have to be careful if I ever play against him. But whatever happens, I am not going to sue him, because I still enjoy watching him playing.

This time I recommend:

1.Roy Keanes biography
- He is controversial and honest as a player and a person –
- Healthy and tasty for as lazy people–
3.Monsters Inc –movie
- Hiihiiiiiiihiiiii –

I do not recommend:

1.Having “Passing your driving license test” –honour in your CV
- Who do you think you are fooling? -
2.Robin Williams playing a bad guy
- Insomnia was an ok movie, but how can you ever take Robin Williams seriously as a bad guy after all the crazy films and faces he has made -
- Bad and unhealthy food and business –

" There are no great men – only great challenges which ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet "

Aki Wayne Bennett

ps. This story was highly inspired by A.Riihilahtis column at The Times

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