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Democracy the way to world domination?

Politics… hmm… sounds too heavy, serious, almost like the word had already some negation inbuilt in it, isn’t Tony Sopranos all law making we need? EU –parlament is even further away in that “What the hell they are talking about” –line.

I still have been always interested in politics, what happens in society and why. Doing political game is not my cup of tea though, after all i have my own plan for the World Domination and it doesn’t need these clumsy democratic elements. So my political interest is not towards political game, it is based on my will to nurture my idealistic world view, strong beliefs and need to know what and why things are happening. Plus after watching all Miss Tunafish -competitions in the world I also want world peace.

I was invited today to European Parlament in Strassbourg. After missing the similar invitations many times before I now accepted it because there was a big vote for who is going to be the next European parlaments spokesman. After traveling almost an hour to be there I was bit disappointment that I didn’t get chosen… well I might as well wait for something better comes up.

However, I was extremely impressed about the young, up coming Finnish politician Alexander Stubb. Obviously i have to say something nice about him because he was actually the one that smuggled me to everywhere there. His greatness is neither based on that he is a member of some suspicious committees but because he has idealistic approach, drive and willingness to get his voice heard to defend his values and views. For me, he didn’t come across like politician or someone playing the game of power at all, rather a boy scout who was all the time ready to make a difference with his brave but intelligent actions among the heavy weight of politics. It requires social skills.. I have never before seen someone convincing a Polish politician about some cucumber directive – in French!

After watching half a day what this elected representative of my home country did in European Parlament, I felt proud to be Finnish, he is a true credit to my beloved country. Like the others were… I had the pleasure of talking with the former rally champion Ari Vatanen about daring to be the only one against 99 others, about religious upbringing with Hannu Takkula and about many subjects with the ever so charming Eija-Riitta Korhola, whose pen is sharper than Stubbs teeth, which according to modern dentistry is extremely rare.

My main intake of the day trip was not that I learned about European political system (or that Stubb goes to gym wearing only cycling shorts) - or that I met many powerful people and had fun with entertaining characters - but that there are still true believers who wants to make a difference. And they were actually doing it. Politics started feeling something important, interesting and inspiring.

Politics… the word still might sound you as interesting as sticking pins into your eyes but I think you should give it a chance. It is not all zyprish. Korhola writes in her brilliant home page in the spirit of ancient philosopher Schopenhauer:” One should use common words to describe unusual things. Many persons, especially politicians, do the other way round – probably without even noticing. Politics are full of unusual words and shortenings, to which you can easily fall into and become non-understandable for the surroundings. I try to use common language what EU is about and what is done here”. She did. Like Stubb. With common terms. But the weight of these unusually good people made it special. Thank you for that. I drove back to Basel with full of enthusiasm. I didnt tell them, though, that whatever they achieve now is going to be changed when I reach the World Domination.


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