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Eminem for the rescue

Me, empty stadium, Ipod, pulse meter, sunshine. Still playing catch up, boys have gone to play away game, my battle is a hard running session. Normally this is done in the forest, but I insisted doing it in the stadium, even if it meant I could become sick and bored of running a small circle so long. I just felt I needed to be where my aim is, feel, see and smell how it is at the office.

This is no nonsense day so I start with “Collide” from Howie Day to make sure this is for real. The great tune is followed by series of Matt Wertz and John Mayer guitar melodies which are suitable for my pulse being around 130 for the first quarter. Happy with the starting rhythms.

There are only 50000 empty seats watching me, but the stadium is still beautiful, from VIP area windows I can see few workers doing their stuff inside, but I still feel the atmospheres and feelings that the stadium has seen… so I put on “Throwing the Copper” -album by Live followed by Nelly to reach quicker steps and heart rate of 140-150. I have done in half an hour almost 18 laps and I realize long sleeve under shirt was too much. I am sweating like a Snowman in Hell but I kind of like the idea starting to leave my marks to the grass where it should belong instead of dark gyms and rehab clinics.

To prevent dizziness I turn to run next 150-160 heart rate 15 min zone the other way around the pitch. I know my max heart rate is 186 and I am in decent shape, so getting my precious one to beat this fast I need something more – Nickelbeck, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Eminem. With “Someday” I get a good stride on, “Otherside” is always a great running tune and just when I need something Eminems “Lose yourself” saves me and I can keep my rhythm.

I have run now fairly hard 45 minutes and now have a minute break, so I have to make my decisions quick. I go for the safe bet: my old favorite listening before games Smashing Pumpkins “Disarm” reminds me of some times. Memory is a great motivator and I am there like playing The Champions League again when I have to make two laps under 3 mins which in such a big stadium is a full sprint. I make it before time and song is finished.

While I try to get my breathing back in the luxurious minute break I find the song for the next two quick laps: “Glycerine” by Bush – and it has to be listened really loud so I put volume to maximum. My ears are breaking but so are trainers, I am full of adrenaline, glycerine, whatever you wanna call the will power fueling my steps. My body is broken, lungs screaming, legs numb.

I look the center circle, something that should have been my office this season, and bite my lip for the determined anger, I put Springsteens “No Surrender” on for the last two laps. Even sun rays can’t catch me now – so if it is possible to become paler I managed it now – and with good time I finish my laps collapsing to ground in the finishing line. I lie there with the Boss still singing for a bit. Yeah baby, no surrender.

Lactic acids have filled my body. It is a sick but great feeling… there is something extremely fascinating in that moment lying in the ground and listening your mind body association when you have pushed yourself to limits. I am bit dizzy rising up… I put on Coldplay, Damien Rice, The Fray, Wycleaf Jean for the 15min cool down jogging. It is not really running, just dragging your stiff muscles forward and getting the blood flow loosening them a bit.

I could listen freaking pop idol finalists now and love it because it is a great feeling of tiredness after training that fills me. I can feel the sun bright, I start noticing how beautiful colors there are in stadium. The naïve romantic fool I am, I leave the stadium with Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world”. I think it is.

This time i recommend:
1. Ipod
- can change your mood in a second, the one thing that i couldnt do without
2. Throwing Copper -album by Live
- still after years does the job

I do not recommend:
1. Surrendering
- just listen The Boss and you won't think of it twice again
2. Late evening naps
- don't get my wrong, i am a great friend and promoter of little naps, but not if it makes you fill polls at MySpace 04:30 at night

"If you had one shot, one opportunity.. would you capture it?"

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