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Two sides of experience

Gefle – DIF 0-2
Halmstad – DIF 1-2

Experience is priceless. However, only experience worth something in artificial grass pitch is not to play seasoned players. It is a surface with different attributes so it was a blessing for us and my legs that two old war horses - me and jonsson - were missing Gefle’s new generation’s carpet because of suspensions. We made up for it in Halmstad with a professional and effective performance, which I can sum up with a sole situation.
You know this situation when the ball is doomed to go out and everyone knows it but there is still this one stupid who makes a stupid run to chase it anyway. You don’t expect this to be the oldest and most experienced player. Every person present in Halmstad stadium saw this hopeless situation to happen. Mattias Jonsson decided differently. He really doesn’t have any self defensive mechanism and it should have been forbidden from underaged people when he just increased speed for the last steps to go round the player, over the line and clash with his back to the side commercials. The noise when he meet the fence was so loud that the whole stadium silenced. He might as well have been hospitalised but instead he got just enough of a touch to the ball on the touch line to push it to Quirino who scored equalising goal. This sole heroic effort changed the rhythm of the game and we won it. That is experience you can’t buy.

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