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Alternative travelling

It was raining so I couldn’t do it. It was too warm so I couldn’t do it. One day I had a headache. There was always an excuse. And I don’t mean sex or impotence here but cycling. With petrol costing all time high, my car thirsty like an alcoholic in a queue to Dubliner pub and absolutely no reasonable parking attendant in Östermalm, I had bought a bicycle for travelling to training. So far I hadn't even been able to get it out of the box. When it finally happened, it was in pieces. I am as close to a handyman as Gattuso having friends from France so I asked my team mates for help. Our captain Mackan, the nice guy he is, took the task and put the parts together between our training sessions.
On my virgin drive with the bike to home from training, I decided to inform my brother how I was saving the globe by using alternative transport. Luckily I had slowed down the pace for the phone call when a big bang occured behind me. My ass fell down, legs hit the ground and phone dropped when the bike suddenly just full stopped and I felt like sitting on nothing. Next thing I saw was exactly like it would be in a movie, the back wheel was rolling past me by itself. Yeah, apparently it wasn’t just about filling the missing parts but also tightening the ones already in place, like the back wheel. Only thing that really pissed me off was that I was exactly in between training ground and home.

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