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I have come to play not to talk

I speak for fun. There hasn’t been many times in my life that I have actually nothing to say – perhaps sometimes when I am sleeping. However, spoken words about one self before actions would be like writing Chinese take-away review based on menu before even ordering food. Past merits and games counts nothing coming to a new club and I want to be counted and judged immediately by my actions. So it is football that should do the talking not me. I don’t wanna do pretalks, promises or excuses, you will have your answers about me from the first minutes I enter the pitch. However, for those who asked – some of the questions attached below here - about my reasons for coming to DIF instead of other options, it is quite straightforward:
1. I want to win something. I have played years in bigger leagues but always mid table, fighting against relegation or aiming for promotion. In DIF I see a tradition of winning trophies and potential of doing it with immediate effect.
2. I want to play for the national team again. I was not come be watched even once when I played in Germany and knowing how highly the manager regards Allsvenskan this is my opportunity to be seen again.

Nu kör vi hård!


Sent by: Peppe, peppe.sumpan@hotmail.com
Time: 21/06-2007 13:11
Dear Aki,
I realy hope u sign for Djurgården...

Sent by: Dorian, kadizch@hotmail.com
Time: 21/06-2007 13:28

Sent by: Jerry Jarnald, xoriath@hotmail.com
Time: 21/06-2007 14:14
Are you coming to Djurgårdens IF?
with regards,

Sent by: essi, esa.poikonen@netti.fi
Time: 21/06-2007 15:35
miksi ruotsi?

Sent by: jonthe, jontheand@hotmail.com
Time: 21/06-2007 16:17
Do you coming to Djurgården in Sweden?
We really need you!

Sent by: Pepe, peter_marttinen@hotmail.com
Time: 22/06-2007 10:42

Onko totta että pelaat jatkossa djurårdenissa?

Sent by: Kent Gustafsson, kengu@glocalnet.net
Time: 23/06-2007 03:18
is it true that you are going to play for Djurgården? do you think that you got what it takes to help them to be the number one team in Sweden again?

Sent by: DIF, jopodell@hotmail.com
Time: 23/06-2007 05:17
Är du klar för Djurgården? Jag/vi hoppas det i alla fall...
Välkommen till Djurgården!!!

Sent by: viktor, viktor__123@hotmail.com
Time: 25/06-2007 01:27
hello is it true that you are going to play fo Djurgården this sommer?

Sent by: Jocke, jocke_almquist@hotmail.com
Time: 25/06-2007 05:43
Is it true that you are about to sign for Djurgårdens IF?

Sent by: mattias, mattex.17@passagen.se
Time: 25/06-2007 08:21
hello aki!!
I´m just gonna say 2 words:

Sent by: ove, imbasorz@hotmail.com
Time: 25/06-2007 08:54
Just wanna say, welcome to Djurgårdens IF, you have really chosen the right club in Sweden with best fans, Djurgården is really like a big family, hope you will enjoy your time in our team and hope you will enjoy the support from our supporters who are the best in scandinavia.
Beat AIK 24/9, and remember, Solna AIK is the worst team ever.

Sent by: Jimmy, EgonTheEgo@Hotmail.com
Time: 25/06-2007 10:01
Hi Aki,
Just want to welcome you to our club, hope you still have the passion for the game..I have been following you since the eagles and was a bite nervous when you came to the german leauge....and now you are here in stockholm....

Sent by: Jocke, westman90@gmail.com
Time: 25/06-2007 10:37
Good luck to you in Djurgårdens IF and the National Team!
Sent by: David, tvahundrasju@hotmail.com

Time: 25/06-2007 13:27
Välkommen till Djurgården !!!!!

Sent by: Ralle, razmuz@telia.com
Time: 26/06-2007 05:14
damn wath good you will play in djurgården, wellcome Aki

Sent by: Benny Holmberg, bb.holmberg@telia.com
Time: 26/06-2007 09:56
I just want to wish you good luck in Djurgården. Do you speak Swedish ? Welcome to Stockholm !!

Sent by: Hampus, jollykungen@hotmail.com
Time: 27/06-2007 04:38
Hello Aki
Thanks for signing Djurgården! I am an huge DIF fan, so i'm very excited about you, and i remember when i saw you play in CP in the premiership , you were one real fighter. I love that!

Sent by: ville w, villew1995@hotmail.com
Time: 27/06-2007 06:44
are you going to play with djurgården now??

Sent by: Michael, m_winter12@hotmail.com
Time: 27/06-2007 08:40
Isn't it time to change the [Facts]? You're in Djurgårdens IF now. The best club in Sweden.
I hope that I will see a lot of you on the pitch. Good luck!

Sent by: Jonas, j.c@spray.se
Time: 27/06-2007 13:20
Hi Aki,
Welcome to Djurgarden and I hope you will enjoy playing for this club. What is your personal goals in the club?
fan of Djurgarden and season ticket holder at Stockholms stadion.
By the way, the fans are great you will enjoy the home games a lot, I promise you.

Sent by: Ragnar, mannerstorm89@gmail.com
Time: 27/06-2007 15:51
Hello Aki!
First, Welcome to Djurgårdens IF.
This is not a question, but hope its ok. We fans have big expectations at you, cause we think that you is the player who is good for the team, to play more consist(?). (Jämnt at Swedish.) Last season was not good, so we hope we should finish at the top this season.
Good luck, see you at Stockholms Stadion ;)
PS. You must learn "Sjung för gamla Djurgården", that is the song who all fans sing in the beginning at each home-match :) Ds.
Sorry for my bad english :(

Sent by: Elias, djurgarden_elias@hotmail.com
Time: 28/06-2007 05:13
You gonna rock in Djurgården:D

Sent by: Peter, fotbollochmusik@hotmail.com
Time: 29/06-2007 00:42
I just want to welcome you to the best club you will ever play for. (or the best fans anyways) Welcome to Djurgården!

Sent by: difdanne, lallaren69@hotmail.com
Time: 29/06-2007 06:29
we love to have you in djurgården :-)
hope you can inprove the defense couse we need it.
br difdanne

Sent by: Tommy, tomty@hotmail.com
Time: 30/06-2007 13:51
Hi Aki! I would like to welcome you to Stockholm and Djurgårdens IF. I hope you can give some stability to our defence. What is your goal with DIF? Is this a chance to go abroad again or are you settling down?
I have noticed that you left my favorite club in Germany, was it no good there?
At last, welcome to DIF and I hope you enjoy it.
Tommy "Tomty"

Sent by: Dom-0, tuy
Time: 30/06-2007 16:40
Lycka till i Sverige ! Heja DIF

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