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Hand of God

Mistake? Probably. Entertaining? Absolutely. Headlines? Without a doubt.
When the legendary Diego Maradona was recently appointed to be the national team manager for Argentina it was only a matter of time when all the chaos and headlines would start. It actually took only few days before the first threats of resignation came. Sure he can demand his old team mate being part of the management, he is the Almighty after all. Albert Einstein argued that his work room was messy because geniuses can handle chaos. Maradona might have been closest to Einstein on the pitch, but off from it there is left just the chaos. It is different to play like a genius and being successfully able to manage and organize a team to its finest detail - especially when the team is the hope and the religion of a country. This is exactly why his choice didn’t need to be reasonable. Not in Argentina. No matter what tactics and abilities other coaches might have they are just mere mortals. Argentina has always something that others don’t – they have and believe in El Diego.

I could come up with millions of reasons why it is not going to work to have unstable and troubled ex-hero who has no managerial success or hardly even experience. However, I can’t help admiring and loving that there is still left some romantic in football. This is the ideal choice for football lovers who still believe in the beautiful game. Capitalism, cynicism and effectiveness has a long ago passed the mere joy of football. It is business, not a playground. We are now scientifically calculating every pass and millimetre to find the safest way and have the most optimal success rate for the long term business. In my team in Germany, we actually got fined for every back heel pass. No talking at warm-ups either. Not exactly as I thought my dream would be when I started playing in the park 26 years ago. In the park, I tried dribbling like Zico, I was Maradona against Terry Butcher, Litmanen in Ajax, whoever and whatever the magic was. Appointing now Maradona to Argentina’s coach woke up in me some of that little kid enjoying football in a park, at least for awhile again. Everyone who has even seen any highlights of this magical 10 will most likely have always a soft spot for him no matter what scandal he is involved. He was never my favourite. But always someone I loved to watch.

Maradona was all instinct and superior technique as a player which is actually not something that normally makes a great coach. Therefore my head says immediately and fiercely he is not a clever choice to any high managerial job. My experience says he will not succeed. Not a chance. But I can’t help smiling and loving that he was chosen, especially because of the reasons for it. People in Argentina love football the most and they love Maradona even more. That is why he is the man for the job for them. Argentina has arguably the best mix of individuals in the world at the moment. They also have now a manager who is bigger than the team. He is loved. Admired. But he is also troubled. He will create chaos. He won’t stay away from headlines. There will be new scandals. However, no matter what happens he will be still loved. He will always be a legend. He is the El Diego.

Interesting? Very.

I recommend:
1. Takida: Curly Sue –song
- Works every morning and evening, not many songs does.
2. Strindberg Bakficka –lunch
- Normally you get either beautiful portions but not enough of it or average food as much as you want... in Strindberg you can get the best of both worlds

I do not recommend:
1. People who ask: “Don’t you remember me?”
- If you are in doubt just introduce yourself
2. Stock markets
- When the fear and panic takes over nothing makes sense anymore

"Even if there was a hand, it was the hand of God."

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