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What songs would you take to deserted Island?

HJK – Rops 4-0
HJK – VPS 2-0

What three songs would you take into deserted island? Not an easy question. I actually lost my sleep on this one. After all one can’t take music too light hearted, and iPod’s current playlist is one of the holiest thing in a person’s life. Whenever I came up with the perfect list I remembered another one that felt better but spoilt the combination. Furthermore, what you listen and like now won’t most likely be on your playlist next year. There is always a newer hit or Nickelback. Some songs are just over used by radio stations and worn out from our favorite lists, like happens to Rihanna every time she opens her mouth. However, there are songs that last over time, and even if you might lose them periodically they always get back to playlists.

I don’t know yet what three songs I would take with me to a deserted island but I was feeding insomnia this week again because I was the dj -quest of the week for Radio Rock, one of the most listened stations in Finland. It is a big responsibility to decide what people need to listen. Also a dangerous task. In the country that sent heavy metal monsters to the European Song –contest everything softer from “Enter Sandman” is a risk. Moreover, all chosen songs needed a clarification why it was played. Hmmm… that is very personal. Songs are part of your personal history and emotional stages. I have songs that I can never listen again. Some stories starts again from the first beat of a specific song. I am going to skip the storytelling here and just reveal what was on my list this week at Radio Rock.

Ozzy Osbourne: Mama, I’m coming home
Bush: Glyzerine
Rolling Stones: Wild Horses
Apulanta: Armo
Guns n’Roses: Civil War
Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire

I need to declare strongly that these were Radio Rock -specific songs, not my favorite ones. My favorite songs would include many different genres and probably nonen of these mentioned here. How to rock deserted island is a hard dilemma. However, I know for sure that I would take a football with me there. Damn, I like playing, winning and didn’t mind scoring another one too against Rops. Yep, even at deserted island standards that celebration should never see daylight again.


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