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Tilbake til nyheter

Social network diary Sept-Oct/2010

realised once again that he is definitely not a champion at karaoke... and there is a serious Halloween in my head today too.

I dont know which is harder at my age, winning championships or celebrating them... but it has been fun.

today is a good day to have a little afternoon nap!

is just writing about goalkeepers... and started to wonder has there ever been a normal keeper in the universe? Anyways, we are already clear and hopefully Finland will get into winning way tomorrow

happy with the victory and being so close to it now... and icing on a weekend's cake was winning gnaget in a derby. No resting today, though, but full focus to have a productive week.

is finally back in training after being ill for weeks... i must be allergic to office work haha. Nice school visit today and tomorrow to Jyväskylä with only one aim.

‎6 points lead with three games to go, cup final on Saturday, excellent year for the stadium... if only i would get rid of this terrible flu the life would be on course.

and yet another sleepless night with flu and coughing... energy levels were not helped with yesterday's draw either.

just spoke on a phone with an old friend, only to remember how it is impossible for a human being to understand Scottish accent... that is why we probably are so good friends as we can't understand at all what the other one is saying.

We turn not older with years, but newer every day... hmmm I guess it means that body has a aching mileage for football but immaturity in my head remains. Thank you everyone for the greetings, you are the best thing that has happened to me in 34 years.

has been giving speeches the whole day about Finnish future... in football it starts today in Moldova. So stand up for your colors on tv or sofanatics.com at 19.20 tonight!

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