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Social network diary July-Aug/2011

I know what you are all thinking... am i going to move also today like most of my team mates. No worries, though, transfer window for stadium managers are not open at the moment ;)

Good enough win yesterday and now 14 points lead in the table. Thanks Rafi and Dawda for everything you have done for the club, and good luck with the new challenges. Now to pub quiz final in Ankkuri... big day!

Rare opportunities require going the distance... we left it 45 min short. We played good 135 min and were going through against Schalke but... no excuses as the better team went through. Dont ask me how i feel now.

HJK-Schalke 2-0 at European League qualifiers, so just another day at the office haha... it is not everyday performance that Finnish club wins over a massive club that was in Champions League semi-finals only few months ago. However, still another leg to go and it needs even better performance over there. Great work ethic and fantastic support today, thank you.

Thank you Jude Ojala and looking forward you bossing also in European football.

Was yesterday playing in a winning blue team at mps 6 year olds training. Tomorrow to Croatia.

It is small margins from total euphoria to being left just with a brave performance but no result. However, our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall.

Ready for tomorrow...

I am sure that everyone enjoyed being there today as much as we did, support was amazing... plus we broke many European Cup records with the massive victory. Next round champions league qualification against dinamo zagreb, cant wait! I think I have deserved a movie night now but tomorrow the work continues.

First leg champions league qualifier Bangor - HJK 0-3... we played like i am: ugly but effective. ;)

Has a double performance tonight... 20.30 opening of the World’s biggest youth tournament, Helsinki Cup, and 21.30 at TV1 talking about Bonfire of Vanities.

Triathlon today... walk to the basement to get my bike, cycle to gym and into the jacuzzi there. It is a first free day for ages and a great way to get ready for first champions league qualifier next week at Wales.

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