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My Hobbies:
  • Aiming for the World Domination
  • Solving challenges... or just running over them
  • Excess consumption of coffee
  • Respecting all sports
  • Inveting new kids games
  • Movies
  • Debating, questioning and getting to know people and their dreams
  • Writing columns for respectable papers
  • Smiling
  • Being a fan for Special Olympics
  • Food and eating (not cooking)
  • Chess
  • Watching womens long jump -competition
  • Maximizing the living
  • Reading good writers
  • Everything weird enough
  • Being a good person

  • Numbers: 19, 15
  • Teams: HJK, Juventus, Barcelona, Crystal Palace FC, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Stars, Djurgården, Vålerenga, Special Olympics Finland
  • Players: Zinedine Zidane, Roy Keane, Nicola Ventola, Xavi
  • Athletes: Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali, Jukka Keskisalo
  • Women: Peppi Longstocking, Jessica Alba, Shakira, Karita Tuomola, Angelina Jolie, Every women that smiles
  • Actors: Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, Will Ferrell
  • Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dire Straits, Dingo, Live, JVG, Nelly, Bob Marley, Sunrise Avenue, Alexandra Jardvall, Eminem, Daughtry, Bruce Springsteen
  • Songs: Sibelius: Finlandia, Five for fighting: Superman, New Radicals: You only get what you give, Eminem: Lose Yourself, Howie Day: Collide
  • Tv-programs: The Office, 24, Prison Break (1. series), Friends, Seinfeld, Trigger Happy TV, Ali G
  • Movies: Braveheart, Crash, Good Will Hunting, Notting Hill, Last of the Mohicans, Kingpin, Wedding crashers, Gladiator, Old School, Ice Age, Shawshank Redemption
  • Cities: Helsinki, Barcelona, Stockholm, Bergamo
  • Places: Own bed, everything with a sea view, church
  • Restaurants: Nobu, Asia de Cuba, Bagattis, Nandos, Ragu, East, Löyly, Lungi
  • Clubs: Teatteri
  • Cafeterias: Nordic Bakery, Ursula, Success
  • Colours: blue, white, black
  • Papers/Magazines: The Times, GQ, Economist, City
  • Persons: Riku Riihilahti, John Wooden, Jari Sarasvuo, Alex Stubb, Robbie Williams
  • Tv Presenters: Gabby Logan, Jonathan Ross, Riku Riihilahti, Arto Nyberg
  • Russian tennis player: Anna Kournikova
  • Characters: Jack Bauer, Kartman, Borat, Joey Tribbiani, David Brent, Dougie Freedman
  • Author: Paulo Coelho, Jari Tervo, Feodor Dostojevski, Pablo Neruda, Mika Waltari
  • Book: Crime and punishment, HJK mestarien liigassa, Celestine Prophecy, The Alchemist, Siddharta, Way of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Columnists: Martin Samuel, Kirsi Piha, Rod Liddle
  • Politician: Alex Stubb, Antero Vartia, Nasima Rasmyar, Al Gore, Jyrki Katainen, Juhana Vartiainen
  • Clothes: Armani, Adidas, Maharishi
  • Food: Wakadori chicken, sushi, karjalanpiirakat
  • Drink: Aqua, Muga: Prado Enea 1991, other good red wines

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